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Can I subdivide?

Find out your options for subdivision under Auckland’s Unitary Plan

Under the new Unitary Plan, the way your land is zoned determines just what you can do with it.

Types of subdivision

The most common forms of urban subdivision are:

  • Freehold Subdivision The land is subdivided to create separate Certificates of Title, so each new lot is solely owned.
  • Cross Lease Subdivision The land is owned in equal shares by all owners of the cross lease. Individual owners then lease buildings on the flat plans for 999 years. Each landowner must consult with all others on the Certificate of Title and gain permission for any changes, with each change needing a new cross lease plan.
  • Unit Title Subdivision Used mainly for buildings like apartments, where one building is over another. It can be used for individual houses, joined houses or a commercial block of buildings where owners share common land. All property owners become members of a Body Corporate to manage the common land.

What the zones mean

Much of West Auckland is zoned Mixed Housing Suburban and Mixed Housing Urban.

Mixed Housing Suburban Zone enables intensification while retaining a suburban character. The height of permitted buildings is 8 metres and is mostly detached and attached housing. Read more about this zone.

Mixed Housing Urban Zone is a reasonably high-intensity zone. Development is typically up to three storeys (11 metres) in a variety of sizes and forms including terrace homes, low-rise apartments and detached dwellings. Read about this zone.

In both zones you can have up to two dwellings per site. The main difference is that any new vacant site created as part of a subdivision must be at least 300m2 in the Mixed Housing Urban zone and 400m2 in the Mixed Housing Suburban zone.

Check your property’s proposed zone at the Auckland Council’s planning maps viewer.

Minor dwellings

Specific standards for minor dwellings differ between zones, but in all cases a minor dwelling must not exceed 65m2, excluding decks and garaging. Adding a second home to a property is an option under the Unitary Plan providing you don’t exceed the percentage site coverage for your zone. Auckland Council’s Easy Guide to understanding residential standards will tell you what’s allowed in each zone.

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