If I was a seller, what would I do?

If I was a seller, what would I do?
We all understand the market has changed. Prices have moved and buyers are harder to come by.

41-Step ULTIMATE preparing for sale checklist

41-Step ULTIMATE preparing for sale checklist. Maximise your sale price. Leave nothing to chance.

Five Reasons Not To Sell Your Home Privately

It is completely understandable to be tempted by the idea of selling your home yourself, without the help of a real estate agent. When it comes to private sales, there are traps to watch out for though.

Is The Real Estate Market Starting To Turn?

Are we switching from a hot, seller’s market to a more balanced market? So what does this mean if you’re trying to sell or buy a house right now?

Maximise Value Before Selling Your Home

Most owners understand that presentation can have a big influence on their final sale price.

When it comes to optimising that presentation aspect, owners naturally jump to the spaces where they spend the most time, like kitchens and bathrooms when deciding where to spend money.